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[Along with the timeline copied from the board, he has added a few bullets for his own reference.]

Night 20 - The patients were left stranded in Doyleton overnight. The townspeople turned into zombies. At the institute and at the end of night, the Head Doctor is attacked and possibly killed while the intercom is (conveniently) on.

Day 21 - The Head Doctor is seemingly replaced by "I.R.I.S.," an automated guide to the institute.

Night 26 - Jill mentions a compatriot, injured in the woods.

Night 27 - Doors at the institute lead to various locations, including the worlds some people call home.

Night 28 - Marc broadcasts on the radio for the first time.

Day 28 - The intercom broadcast used then was remarkably similar to todays. The movie tradition began.

Night 28 - Whatever facilitates language comprehension among different planets and countries was temporarily suspended, for the remainder of the night.

Night 30 - Landel tortures Jill with the intercom running. She has not been heard from at night, although Nurse Lydia has made broadcasts as usual.

Day 31 - General Aguilar, code name Eagle, removes Martin Landel from the directorship of the Institute.

[Addition: "Night 32: Project 2911. Food believed to give patients various insights, such as into the location of 'Special Counseling' victims and some form of mind-reading."]

[Addition: "Night 33 - Magitek Infusion."]

Night 34 - Landel broadcasts on the radio with Marc.

Day 35 - Today. [Addition: "Sunday - Institute facade returned, but with soldiers in place of nurses."]
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[Most everything on this page is in that nearly illegible scrawl that covers some of his schematics.]

Information from the board. May or may not be reliable.

Basement: more than one level or area? Doors require objects to open [scribble] and at least three people.

Radio: Mark and Jill. Trustworthiness still unknown.

Rings: possibly work as promised. Once broken, can be repaired using a drop of blood. Fitting.

Surrounding the Institute: a lake, the ruined town, a forest with an altar and a river
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[Across the pages, Edgar has copied the maps from here.]
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[copied from the wall of the church; written in scribbled English, as he copied it directly during the language event of NS 50 and couldn't read it to save his life]

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[written in his usual cursive, though it's more messy than elegant here]

Weaponry hall - downstairs. A dungeon or cellar level? There is a basement; as Anise says, full of "weird stuff." Ballroom down there, possibly weaponry hall as well.

Celes - admitted she felt ready to admit defeat, gone the next day. I was the last one to see her- she was with me at night, but vanished by morning.

Luxord - someone said he was "readmitted" to the institution. Does that account for his strange shift in personality?

[A blot of ink, as though his pen rested on the page a moment as he considered something. Then, written a bit hastily:]

Readmitted? Do they lose their memories of their time here? It is possible.

[Added later.]

Aerith - when I first met her, she'd only been here a day or so. Met her again almost a week later; she tells me the same thing, no longer remembers ever meeting me. Those who have been readmitted to the institution lose their memories of their time here.

Are there any who have returned who recall being at Landel's? [scribbled, then added much later] Utena - returned to the institute once already. Didn't remember the first time, but did the second, if it is a return. She lost six days.


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