Sep. 27th, 2006

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D A Y 4 3
    Dinner ♦ Not his room, not his clothes, and his tools are missing: now it's personal
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Time for a little exploration
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ There are women here; this place just went up ten points in his eyes
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ He has joined Kuukaku's supply-gathering party
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Enchantments run amok upstairs
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ Still moving
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ The other side of the institute
    East Wing, Hall A ♦ Apparitions
    General Storage ♦ Finally reached their destination
    East Wing, Hall A ♦ Volatile attitudes
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Jackpot

D A Y 4 4
    Breakfast ♦ Another lovely maiden has more information on the institution
    Lunch ♦ The two-faced man
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Yes, he wants that pressurized tank
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Crossing paths with an old friend
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Heading upstairs
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ Appreciation
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Vanishing act
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ Moving on

D A Y 4 5
    Breakfast ♦ Keeping watch for Celes
    Sun Room ♦ Catching up
    Dinner ♦ Luxord again, but stranger

D A Y 4 6
    Sun Room ♦ Edgar keeps an eye on Luxord and meets Raphael
    Lunch ♦ He crosses paths with Celes again, who warns him against his roommate
    Dinner ♦ He attempts to settle his suspicions
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ He's going to try his hand at item collection once more
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ He's run into by Harley Quinn, whose party he joins
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ She really enjoys treasure-hunting, apparently
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ She's still in the lead
    West Wing, South Hall 2-B ♦ Where danger lurks
    West Wing, North Hall 2-B ♦ They're not the first here
    Decontamination Room ♦ He finds a tarp
    Experimental Treatments Laboratory ♦ Harley's chipper attitude is contagious

D A Y 4 7
    Breakfast ♦ In which he meets a lovely blond
    Lunch ♦ In which he meets a lovely brunette
    Greenhouse ♦ In which he meets Guy, who is indeed a guy
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ The evening is quiet and young- time for a supply hunt
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ He meets Yuna, and they decide to look for weapons
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ He leads her toward the Recreational Field
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Recreational Field ♦ They cross the surprisingly empty field, heading for the shed
    Activities Shed ♦ No room for a weapon, but he got plenty of supplies for his work
    Recreational Field ♦ They backtrack through the field and discuss battle plans
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ They head for Edgar's room to drop off his items
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    M16 ♦ Edgar drops off his supplies and borrows the still-sleeping Luxord's radio
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Their next stop: the storage room on the 2nd floor
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Traveling
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ Edgar's light is dying
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ There's a strange monster above the Sun Room- an Esper?
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ They continue toward the storage room
    East Wing, Hall 2-A ♦ They're not the first to the storage room, either

D A Y 4 8
    Courtyard ♦ He finally reconnects with Celes, is surprised by her words, and chastises her
    Lunch ♦ He talks machines with Guy and has a chicken tender thrown at him. Thanks, Celes.
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ While working on his latest project, Celes appears

D A Y 4 9
    Bus 1 ♦ Another meeting with Raphael
    Dinner ♦ Luxord has disappeared unexpectedly, and Edgar has a new roommate
 N I G H T S H I F T - [P O R T A L S]
    M16 ♦ With Luxord's disappearance, Edgar becomes concerned the same could happen to Celes
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ He warns Gren about the institute
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Traveling
    F-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    F12 ♦ They arrive at Celes' room. She's gone, and Edgar feels his last remarks to her didn't help matters
    F-A Block Hallway ♦ Frustrated with Celes' loss, Edgar leads Gren toward the shed
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, North Hall 1-B ♦ They expect to step into the Recreational Field...
    Doctor's Office 9 (Dr. Weaver) ♦ And find themselves in an office. Edgar starts to doubt his sense of direction.
    Sun Room ♦ The hallway isn't where they left it
    Hall of Armor ♦ The music room door leads to a hall of weaponry. Edgar's dreams do come true.
    Weapons Range ♦ An abomination defends the next room, putting Edgar and Gren to the test.
    Mountain Antiques ♦ Injured from the battle, they stop for some improvised first aid
    Group Therapy Room 6 ♦ Nothing of interest

D A Y 5 0
        Bulletin ♦ He recalls his "dream" about the hall of weaponry to get information
    Chapel ♦ He meets Natalia, whom he encourages not to lose hope for her people's sake
    Brunch ♦ He discusses the evening with Raphael
        Bulletin ♦ Confirming Luxord's disappearance, he learns something about "readmitted" patients
    Library, 3rd Shift ♦ He meets a man in the library and questions his intentions
    Dinner ♦ He touches base with Gren, who has found a mysterious ring in his drawer. Probably a secret admirer ♥
 N I G H T S H I F T - [L A N G U A G E S]
    M16 ♦ It seems Landel is just asking for a challenge.
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Despite their injuries, the two head for the courtyard to investigate the shed and the wall
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ They choose the field path over going through the Sun Room and cafeteria
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ The door to the recreational field seems to be in working order
    Recreational Field ♦ Scaling the wall proves problematic as Edgar pulls his stitches, despite Gren's help
    Courtyard ♦ They find the area unguarded and head for the shed
    Gardener's Shed ♦ Edgar discovers the lawnmower and already plans to borrow and dismantle it
    Courtyard ♦ While using a wheelbarrow to climb they wall, the radios crackle with a message from an unknown rebel
    North of the Institute ♦ While discussing the strange radio message, Landel decides to enforce a language barrier
    Quarry ♦ The two come to a quarry, but what is it doing so close to the institution?
    Forest ♦ The trek is wearing on Edgar, his wound reopened during their wall climb
    Ruins ♦ They discover a town, and the mysteries continue to appear

D A Y 5 1
    Breakfast ♦ The night has left him worn, but Guy is always encouraging
        Bulletin ♦ Something has happened to Raphael
    Lunch ♦ He meets Anise after showering; she confirms there is a basement, but will not be smarmed into telling him where
    Dinner ♦ Time for an in-depth discussion of the previous night with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Resolved to find a way to stop Landel and the nightly tortures, he heads out
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ After two nights travelling with Gren, it seems strange without him
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ The night is early, and the main hall is relatively empty
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ With his shoulder still injured, he decides to take the route through the Sun Room
    Sun Room ♦ He crosses the Sun Room carefully, hearing a fight overhead
    Cafeteria ♦ One danger zone cleared, but he's not safe yet
    Courtyard ♦ While the courtyard seems clear, he can hear a disturbance just over the wall
    Gardener's Shed ♦ The lawnmower is tempting; the weedwhacker is even better
    Courtyard ♦ String trimmer in tow, he crosses the courtyard a second time and reconsiders Anise's advice on healing
    Cafeteria ♦ Heading back, he makes an unexpected discovery- Locke is in Landel's
    Sun Room ♦ They cross through the Sun Room and discover a corpse
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ Edgar warns Locke of a few points of interest
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ In safer territory, Edgar decides to address the time-gaps

D A Y 5 2
        Bulletin ♦ Edgar responds to a notice about healers; later, he sets a date
        Bulletin ♦ Indeed, Raphael is gone
    Library ♦ The man from yesterday appears
        Bulletin ♦ He tries the bulletin board to contact Locke and find more clues about the basement and the relic
    Lunch ♦ With no sign of clues or Locke on the board, he quietly heads to lunch
    Game Room ♦ He relaxes in the Game Room for a while
    Dinner ♦ A busy evening ahead, Edgar works on a tool while catching up with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T - [S H A D O W S]
    M16 ♦ Bidding farewell to Gren, Edgar works on his new toy while awaiting Locke
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ They head for the healer's room together...
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ But Locke decides he can do some scouting while Edgar continues toward F18
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ He's still getting that odd feeling
    F18 ♦ Though surprised to see the healer is Natalia, he's more surprised when their shadows become enemies

D A Y 5 3
    Breakfast ♦ It seems Aerith is still around after all, though she's possibly been 'readmitted'
        Bulletin ♦ He leaves a note for Natalia on the board
    Lunch ♦ No Locke at lunch, either
    Dinner ♦ He and Gren avoid the topic of shadows, discussing brainwashed patients instead
 N I G H T S H I F T
    [He didn't get out of the room OOCly due to scheduling conflicts, but let's say he just made it past the stairs before night ended]

D A Y 5 4
    Breakfast ♦ The Eagle has arrived and brought guards with him; Edgar meets Shinji before a riot breaks out
    Recreational Field ♦ The aftermath of the riot includes a roll call, after which he meets the despondent Sergeant Carter
    Lunch ♦ A conversation between Ryuuzaki and Tear holds his interest
    Dinner ♦ Having witnessed Landel's expulsion in the Sun Room, Edgar is eager to discuss with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T - [P A R A S I T E S]
    M16 ♦ With the announcement of Project 2911, Edgar heads out to meet Ryuuzaki
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Ryuuzaki wastes no time in idle chatter
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ It turns out they're headed for the storerooms- how convenient!
    Stairwell by Lobby 2 ♦ Trust issues- strange, but not entirely unexpected
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ Entering the upstairs hallway, Edgar is hit by a strange feeling: he knows exactly where the "special counseling" patients are. The radio offers little explanation.
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ They waste no time as they head for the storerooms
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Picking up a few things, Edgar explains Landel's unexpected dismissal to Ryuuzaki
    Extra Storage ♦ There's no forgetting those they've lost along the way
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Edgar bumps Ryuuzaki on the way out, triggering Project 2911
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ Ryuuzaki's acting strangely; perhaps he's warming up to the company
    Patient Possessions Storage ♦ Doubly shocking: the effects of Project 2911 and Edward March's inventory
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ Before the night ends, they try other doors, only to find they are locked

D A Y 5 5
    Cafeteria ♦ Edgar meets Lunge and discovers he's terrible at cleaning floors
        Bulletin ♦ Edgar leaves a note for Locke; it goes unanswered
    Lunch ♦ The menu is awful, but the blackmail of patients is beyond disgusting
    Male Showers ♦ Guy informs Edgar that Natalia has probably been released
        Bulletin ♦ Patients are ranked by time spent at the institute. Fantastic.
    Dinner ♦ Gren isn't taking the changes as well as hoped
 N I G H T S H I F T
    Disciplinary Therapy Room 5 ♦ M16 was hit with double M-U; Edgar becomes far too intimate with the process of Magitek infusion

D A Y 5 6
    Bus 1♦ The field trip has a rough start, as he is still very ill from the experiment
    Twin Pines Restaurant (Early Afternoon) ♦ Not only do Ryuuzaki and Lunge see him in a state he'd prefer no one witness, but they steer the conversation toward his sleep study. Well.
    Bus 1 ♦ On the return trip, he is met by Natalia- did she never leave?
    Dinner ♦ With both roommates having been taken the night before, dinner conversation is rather solemn
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ After Gren's departure, Edgar kills time until Ryuuzaki and Lunge arrive; they chat about the dagger & basement
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ The radios play: Marc and Landel have formed an alliance?

D A Y 5 7
    Chapel ♦ Feeling marginally better, Edgar chats with Anise
    Cafeteria ♦ He meets Utena, who has slept for six days and knew Celes
    Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ A visitor: the brother of Edward March
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ The Medical Wing is opened, but Edgar decides to test his magic this night
    M-A Block Hall ♦ And there is Locke, as if he'd never left... though it's apparent he did
    M8 ♦ They backtrack to get Locke's flashlight before heading to Anise's room
    M-A Block Hall ♦ Edgar explains the flashlight...
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ ... And that he's still looking for answers, himself.
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ The conversation turns to the Rebel...
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Then to the military...
    F-A Block Hall ♦ ... And finally to his M-U. Locke is not pleased.
    F14 ♦ Anise leaves Edgar candies and notes- she is far too kind. ♥
    F-A Block Hall ♦ Edgar is in for a shock as he finds he's the one from the past, now
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Two years later, and his friends are okay... and so is he? More questions arise.

D A Y 5 8
    Breakfast ♦ Ryuuzaki approaches, and they chat about multiple timelines
        Bulletin ♦ Locke tries to give Edgar a warning, but he sees it a bit late
    Lunch ♦ So his eyes weren't playing tricks on him at breakfast: Terra is at Landel's... kind of.
    Arts & Crafts ♦ He chats with Carter and spots Ryuuzaki talking to Terra. What, can't get girls on his own?
    Dinner ♦ He shares some food with Gren, who looks worse for wear
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Not knowing the whereabouts of Terra or Locke, he heads off to meet Ryuuzaki
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ ... Who has been forcibly drugged, possibly courtesy of Code 1-8. Also, radio interrupts.
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ The military is using patients to do their dirty work, like kill of Marc's allies. Great.
    Main Hallway, 1-East ♦ Also, there is a traitor in the military, and they want to out him by blackmailing patients. Also great.

D A Y 5 9
    Breakfast ♦ He meets with Terra again. He tells her about the Empire and they agree to travel at night. Hot. ♥
    Library ♦ Locke had a harder night, dealing with a gassing. They chat about Terra.
    Game Room ♦ Guy's roommate is back from the dead
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ With a strange announcement and a pink glow covering the walls, Edgar makes haste for Terra's room
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ The sight that awaits him- blood everywhere. What's going on?
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ It seems the restrictions on powers are gone; his infusion symptoms reappear, as does Terra
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ At her insistence, they move- and find a spider or two waiting for them.
    Main Hallway, 1-East ♦ They continue down the hall, only to be attacked from the rear

D A Y 6 0
    Cafeteria ♦ Edgar meets Byrne, and they briefly discuss Landel and the Rebel
    Dinner ♦ With Aguilar gone, Gren's mood is a bit lighter
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Deciding to test the extent of his infusion-granted magic, Edgar heads outside
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ Nothing unusual about this night, thankfully
    Recreational Field ♦ Knowing better than to remain in the open near the building, he heads over the wall
    North of the Institute ♦ Casting a spell, he is approached by Rita, a scholar in magic, and is offered help

D A Y 6 1

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