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[written in his usual cursive, though it's more messy than elegant here]

Weaponry hall - downstairs. A dungeon or cellar level? There is a basement; as Anise says, full of "weird stuff." Ballroom down there, possibly weaponry hall as well.

Celes - admitted she felt ready to admit defeat, gone the next day. I was the last one to see her- she was with me at night, but vanished by morning.

Luxord - someone said he was "readmitted" to the institution. Does that account for his strange shift in personality?

[A blot of ink, as though his pen rested on the page a moment as he considered something. Then, written a bit hastily:]

Readmitted? Do they lose their memories of their time here? It is possible.

[Added later.]

Aerith - when I first met her, she'd only been here a day or so. Met her again almost a week later; she tells me the same thing, no longer remembers ever meeting me. Those who have been readmitted to the institution lose their memories of their time here.

Are there any who have returned who recall being at Landel's? [scribbled, then added much later] Utena - returned to the institute once already. Didn't remember the first time, but did the second, if it is a return. She lost six days.


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